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Gary Krebs

Original Founder

Gary Krebs, my dad, the reason why I started Krebs Legacy Financials. Gary was an Independent Agent/Sole Proprietor, a coach, friend, and so much more. He grew meaningful relationships with his clients that saw him not only as their agent, but also as family. 

Gary would do home visits with his clients around the Annual Enrollment Period to discuss plans but more so to connect with his clients. Clients say, “seeing Gary during the holidays was like seeing family”.

 Unfortunately my dad passed away in July of 2021 after a brief stint with pancreatic cancer. He was only 57. I started this business to turn my dads sole proprietorship into a legacy, to take care of his existing and new clients the way he did and to provide the same feeling of family and trust that he provided. 

“Each time we see your picture you seem to smile and say, Don’t cry, I’m in God’s hands. We’ll meet again some day.”

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